SmallCar Space Saver Spare

Must use hardened lug nuts for installation.
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Our Space Saver Spare tire and wheel is a pairing of our 16" steel wheel which clears upgraded brakes with an eNTYRE XL tire. The combination will fit in the stock Vanagon clamshell. This is a good solution for Vanagon owners running larger wheels and tires but wanting to carry their spare in the original location. Syncros will need to be fitted with a decoupler when using this smaller spare.

Removing the hoops that are built into the clamshell storage area to accommodate this type of spare is required.

Tire Features
  • Excellent wet grip and stability
  • Cooling edge
  • 3D sipes
  • Hyrdoplaning indicator
  • Polished grooves
  • Purified oils
  • Low rolling resistance
  • 1000's of biting edges creating unparalleled traction
eNTYRE 205/60 R16 XL
  • Load index 96H
  • Recommended rim width 5.5-7.5"
  • 20.9 lbs
  • Diameter 25.7"
Steel Wheels
  • 16X6.5" wheel, 42mm offset
  • Wheel weight 25.4lbs
  • Heavy duty 4 to 4.5mm thick material
  • Uses a taper seat lug nut or bolt like the factory alloy wheels
  • Comes in black powder coated finish

Mounting and balancing is $18.75 ea (included in above price)

Must use hardened lug nuts for installation.

Lug nut

Lug bolt

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