Vanagon 2WD 11" dual piston front disc brake upgrade - Early and late model Vanagons

Vanagon 2WD 11" dual piston front disc brake upgrade - Early and late model Vanagons

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Better brakes for your Vanagon


The stock Vanagon brakes are just adequate if you have a 2wd passenger van with stock tires and good pads and shoes. If you have a Syncro, a Westy or especially a Syncro Westy with upgraded wheels and tires, your brakes are just not good enough for emergency stops. Our kit uses US model VW-Audi vehicle calipers and rotors so replacement parts are available now and should be available well into the future. With the installation of these 11" vented discs with dual piston calipers, the braking goes from barely passable to amazing!


Minimum 15" wheels are required. Please note that some 15" wheels, welded steel for example may not be large enough to accommodate these larger calipers. A minimum of 13" is required inside the wheel.


Please note: This kit will fit an 80 to 85 Vanagon if you install front uprights (spindles) and wheel bearings from an 1986-1991 Van.

"I may be exaggerating how much better it feels, but my original brakes (on my Westy) just felt unsafe. Now the brakes are awesome."

"Thank you, thank you, thank you! About six months ago I insisted my son have your big brake conversion done because I always felt his Vanagon was weak in the stopping department. This morning on his way to work your brakes saved his Vanagon, and maybe even his life! While on the freeway with everyone rushing off to work a truck cut over in front of him rather quickly, which wasn't so bad but within a second or two the truck locked up his brakes. My son hit his brakes really hard and he doubted he was going to stop in time so he pushed even harder. He missed the trucks tailgate by only two or three inches! He had to back up to get around the 3 car pile-up he narrowly missed. As a father I just had to say thank you for doing such a great job. It was worth every penny. My son now agrees."


  • 11+" vented rotors
  • New calipers
  • Pads
  • Mounting hardware
  • Hubs with studs
  • Hoses