Vanagon stainless exhaust

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This complete stainless exhaust system is designed to fit just like the original VW parts and to sound quiet while offering better performance than OEM replacements. The muffler is a multi-chamber design for better flow while still being quiet. The tailpipe is mandrel bent and has a loose flange design allowing the installer to angle the tip for any Vanagon model. The muffler, tailpipe and collector pipe are polished. This system will work with a stock catalytic converter.

About the sound level of our stainless exhaust - We have found a large variation in the noise level of new stock mufflers. This stainless muffler is in the middle range between the noisiest and the quietest of the OEM mufflers.

Comes with the metal o-rings for both ends of the collector pipe and gaskets for both ends of the muffler * also includes our stainless exhaust bolt & nut set.

Waterboxer engines use the factory 2.1L muffler brackets with strap or our new Stainless bracket and clamp set. Subaru conversions use our stainless brackets and clamps.

Photos of this exhaust plus our stainless cat installed on a 1989 Syncro:

This system fits:

  • 1986 --1991 Vanagon 2wd and Syncro with a waterboxer engine
  • All Vanagons with a Subaru 4cyl normally aspirated engine and a SmallCar header

The collector or "J" pipe can be fitted with a sensor port similar to the original for emissions testing of the 2.1 waterboxer if desired.

Installation guide.