Vanagon Differential - Torque Biasing Limited Slip

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Change your Vanagon from a one-wheel drive to a two wheel drive!

Tired of your Vanagon not getting the power to the ground and slipping and sliding in the snow? 

Torque will always take the path of least resistance. Put a wheel on a patch of snow or mud and the other on pavement, and one wheel spins while the other just stays put. You don't go anywhere. Accelerate hard out of a corner, and as weight transfers to the outside wheel, the inside one loses adhesion and spins.

Not with a torque biasing differential installed!

The first thing people notice is the difference in the steering response under power. The car steers tighter - on the throttle the car goes toward the apex. Off the main road, the traction is vastly improved and for those who travel in the snow and ice, the added winter traction is fabulous.

"I wanted to praise the merits of the positraction partnered with the Hakka CS tires. Through the Blue Mtns from LaGrande to Baker City we hit high wind, ground blizzards, and two inches of solid ice on the freeway. Three different times my rear end started to swing around into a slide on the ice and just as quickly it totally straightened out without me doing anything except praying. What a nifty gadget worth every penny."   -  Paul in Utah, with a 2WD Westfalia

Fitment Notes:

  • Available for automatic and manual transmission
    • Automatic Transmission: 1976-91 VW Bus/Vanagon
    • Manual Transmission: 1968-91 VW Bus/Vanagon
    • All 2WD manual transmission Vanagons
    • Syncro Vanagons with a front or rear differential -comes with the differential side bearings
      • Requires a transaxle or front differential housing with the differential locking mechanism to utilize the locking function.


How does this differential work? Here is the technical answer.