Automatic Transmission Cooler Kit

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NEW - Includes mounting hardware.

Automatic Vanagons have a factory installed transmission cooler that uses engine coolant and the radiator to cool the fluid. This adds the transmission cooling load to the engine cooling system (this is less than ideal) and the results of a failure of this cooler are disastrous for both the transmission and the cooling system.

Our cooler kit keeps the two systems separate and does a better job of keeping the transmission fluid cool in very hot weather. Additionally, a failure in the system results in only a fluid leak that is easily repaired.

Recommended for all automatic Vanagons including those with the higher horsepower Subaru engines.

Our kit includes all the neccessary hardware and does not require any drilling or tapping of the transmission, It can be installed without removal of the transmission. The two 5/8" hoses to the original cooler can be bypassed with this mender or can be rerouted to bypass the area entirely.

The recommended mounting position is between the frame rails on the driver's side just in front of the transmission.