Subaru-Vanagon 5qt aluminum oil pan

Subagon Aluminum Pan
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Alert: $30 discount available when purchasing a conversion kit.


Now you can have all the ground clearance the original Vanagon offers and still keep the original Subaru oil capacity. An added benefit is cooler oil as a result of the heat dissipation from a thick wall aluminum pan. The inside of this pan has a shaped bottom allowing better scavenging of oil under the worst conditions of high RPM operation, hard cornering or serious off roading.


This oil pan is also perfect for sand buggys using the Subaru 4 cylinder engine.



  • Thickwall alloy aluminum for handling the worst conditions
  • 5 quarts oil capacity
  • Shaped bottom for superior oil scavenging
  • Finned exterior for heat dissipation
  • Screened oil pickup
  • Stainless bolts with aluminum washers
  • Comes with o-rings for the oil pickup and for the stock or our flexible dipstick
  • 4 5/16" total height saves over 2 inches when compared to the stock Subaru oil pan


Fits all Subaru 4 cylinder engines from 1990 on.


New! Now available for the 2010-2012 Legacy 2.5L engine.


Flexible dipstick


Installation instructions


Here are some photos taken during the testing of the aluminum oil pan.


Here we installed an aluminum pan on a 1989 Syncro then raised up the back end of the Van with the jack on the oil pan. There was no damage at all afterwards.


We decided there was too much contact area so we took a 1 1/2" diameter piece of metal and put it between the jack plate and the pan. There was still no damage.


Still wanting to break something, we put the oil pan in the hydraulic press and put over 8 tons of force on it. The pan split at about 9 1/2 tons.