Subaru-Vanagon 4 Cyl 2WD Engine Mount Powder Coated

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New! Improved design for late Subaru engines with more clearance for thermostat housing and water pump.

The Small Car mount fits Subaru 2.2, 2.5L normally aspirated as well as the 2.0, 2.2 and 2.5L turbo engines and this set is for the Vanagon two wheel drive. Our mount has the advantage of placing the stock Vanagon rubber mounts at the rear of the engine reducing engine movement. Additionally, the muffler can be rigidly mounted like the VW factory intended so the exhaust assembly moves with the engine reducing exhaust system flex and breakage. Our mount set comes with the hardware to bolt to the Subaru engine. You will need to have the stock Vanagon rear crossbar and new Vanagon rubber mounts are recommended. With our MB4PR muffler brackets, the stock round muffler or performance mufflers up to 6" in diameter can be rigidly mounted to the engine assembly to provide for a sturdy, long lasting exhaust system.

Please Note: Oil Pans with extensions to the rear or the side will not fit with this mount.

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