Reversed Coolant Manifold & Heater Pipe

Reversed Coolant Manifold & Heater Pipe

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New! Cast aluminum reversed coolant manifold for Subaru 4 cylinder engine it is our latest design which has been developed after 13 years and over 300 completed conversions. This integrated coolant bypass lets your heater work well and still cools the engine properly in hot or cold weather. We also include a coolant temp sensor that is correctly calibrated to the Vanagon temperature gauge. The only rewiring needed on the engine harness is to plug the temp sensor wire onto the supplied sender without extending any wires.

No core.

Note that some repositioning of the fuel lines or EGR pipe may be needed in the area of the manifold outlet.

Available for all Subaru 2.2 and 2.5 NA.

Intake manifold gaskets.

Coolant hose kit for reversed manifold.

Photo of the coolant bypass as installed.

Cooling system schematic.

Manifold connection description

Link to photo showing location and routing of hoses: hose diagram.jpg