Subaru-Vanagon Conversion Parts

This high flow catalytic converter is the latest technology with a stainless steel metallic honeycomb that offers higher temperature and vibration...
This clutch kit has the pressure plate and disc that matches our Vanagon to Subaru bellhousing , alignment tool included . The pressure plate is...
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Clutch Pilot Bearing for Smallcar Bellhousing

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Collector or "J" pipe-Stainless Finally! A stainless version of the stock Vanagon collector to cat pipe. Fits between the stock 1986 and later...
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This hose kit is for all 4 cylinder Subagons with a reversed coolant manifold. 4 cylinder cars that do not have a reversed manifold and 3.3L powered...
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This heliarc welded stainless coolant pipe is designed to go across the back and the right side of the Vanagon engine bay to allow easy connection of the...
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We designed this to bolt directly to the stock air cleaner mount on the right side firewall that formerly held the air cleaner assembly. It keeps the...
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Not to be confused with other brands, this crank seal is Viton and will outlast the original 3-4 times. These are the only seals we'll use for this area...
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This crank seal is Viton and will outlast the original 3-4 times. These are the only type of seal we'll use, and they're not easily replaced. This...
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These crimp clamps are the OE style stainless with the band going one and one half times around so there is no pinched hose and little chance of fuel...
Mount between engine crossmember and frame to lower the engine to clear the Vanagon deck lid. 2wd only. Priced per pair
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Use this kit to mount the Subaru drive by wire pedal on the firewall of a 2wd manual Vanagon. Required for drive by wire engine conversion. Includes...
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