Conversion Parts: 2.2L/2.5L

Why should you buy our parts?
  • We install, service, and personally use what we sell. After building over 300 Subaru powered Vanagons, we have learned a lot about how to make them run well. From cooling systems to wiring harnesses, we have designed our products to get your Vanagon conversion up and running quickly and keep it performing well for years.
  • Our parts allow you to install a Subaru engine and lose nothing of the original Vanagon's utility and great design. This includes having great ground clearance without the exhaust and other components hanging down below the engine, the ability to refit the Syncro skid plate, and built-in support for the muffler. 
  • Our cooling system has been refined to perform better than anything else available. Simple, easy to bleed, and a heater system that works at least as well as the original. 
  • It can be difficult to find all the right parts to make your Subaru powered Vanagon come to life. When you purchase our parts, we help your project come together quickly and successfully. For those who choose to buy a complete package from us, expect prompt, accurate replies to your questions. No one else offers anything close in design, performance and support.
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The SC ECU and Injector driver for the Subaru EE20 turbo diesel is a standalone engine management system for this fantastic engine. Small Car Performance...
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