Harness Modification Kit

Harness Modification Kit

Subaru ECU #22611____?
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This kit enables a person with some wiring ability and lots of time to take a Subaru "bulkhead" wiring harness, remove a large number of connectors and wires, splice and add some wiring and end up with just what is necessary to run the engine in another vehicle. These wiring kits are unique to each Subaru year and model. Please note that this kit is a guide for harness modification and not a step by step manual. The expected time commitment to convert a harness is 20-40 hours for the first timer.

Also available is the Interface board for OBDII engines to help eliminate 7 common fault codes.

The wiring kit includes the following:

  • Identification of needed connectors in the harness
  • Pinout for the ECU with normal voltages and wire colors
  • Pre-printed labels for ECU connectors
  • Identification of unneeded wires to cut and tape off
  • Wire labels and instructions for connecting to the vehicle
  • Original Subaru wiring diagram for year and model requested
  • General instructions

Vehicle wire connections provided are for 83-91 Vanagons. All other vehicles please use this instruction as a guide and refer to your vehicle wiring diagram.

These kits cannot be returned or exchanged. Please make sure you provide us with the correct year and model of your harness and ecu when ordering.

Currently available for the following US models:

  • Forester 2.5L - 1998-2008
  • Impreza 2.5L - 1998-2007
  • Impreza 2.2L - 1995-2001
  • Legacy 2.5L - 1996-2004
  • Legacy 2.2L - 1990-1999
  • Baja 2.5L - 2003-2006
  • SVX 3.3L - 1992-1996
  • WRX - 2002-2005 and 2004 STI
  • Forester turbo 2004
  • Baja turbo 2004-2006
  • Legacy & Outback 3.0L 2001-2004