Coolant Hose Kit

Coolant Hose Kit

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This hose kit is for all 4 cylinder Subagons with a reversed coolant manifold. 4 cylinder cars that do not have a reversed manifold and 3.3L powered Vanagons should use our CHKT. The kit works best with our coolant manifold modifications and with the coolant reservoir on the right side of the engine compartment.

This kit utilizes our experience from completing over 300 Subaru conversions and provides a cooling system that is easily bled, a heater system that works perfectly and a cool running engine. When we install an engine here, we use a new OEM radiator and the arrangement works better than the factory cooling system.


  • Special stainless tee 1 1/4" X 3/4"
  • Thermostat to tee hose
  • Tee to reservoir hose
  • Tee to Vanagon pipe hose
  • Water manifold to pipe hose
  • 5/8" heater hose
  • 12 hose clamps

Please note: 1983-1985 Vanagons will need to have the original front-rear coolant pipes replaced with the later pipes or the originals shortened in the rear about 6 inches to a length roughly matching the later Vans. 1983-85 required 1 hose reducer, 86- coolant reservoir.

Coolant reservoir bracket

Link to photo showing location and routing of hoses: hosediagram.jpg

Link to diagram of system schematic: Cooling system schematic. (Thanks to Steve at for the original drawing)