Catalytic converter Vanagon Stainless 2" with metallic substrate

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This high flow catalytic converter is the latest technology with a stainless steel metallic honeycomb that offers higher temperature and vibration capability, increased efficiency but decreased environmental hazards. The 2" inlet and outlet flanges are heavy gauge stainless steel and are the same orientation as the OEM cat. At 9" long, this cat may be shorter than the original by up to 1 1/2". If necessary, adjustment can ordinarily be made at the J pipe or in the left-right position of the muffler.

Fits all 1983-1991 Vanagons with the waterboxer engine as well as Subaru powered Vanagons with our exhaust header system.

Available with one oxygen sensor port for waterboxer and OBD1 Subaru engines or with two ports for the OBD2 Subaru engines.