Subaru 3.3L SVX Aluminum oil pan

Subaru 3.3L SVX Aluminum oil pan

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The Subaru SVX 3.3L engine is popular for dune buggies and repowering VW Vanagons. Historically, installers would shorten the original oil pan so that it wasn't 2-3" lower than the rest of the motor. Unfortunately, this results in a lower capacity as well as an undesirable flat bottom.

We have designed an oil pan for the SVX 3.3L engines that allows the original oil capacity and has a sloping center area to keep the oil flowing to the oil pickup. All of our conversions include our aluminum oil pan. Why trust your expensive engine to anything else.

This product features

  • Precision cast aluminum alloy oil pan
  • Capacity 6.3 quarts (5.96 liters)
  • Drain plug
  • Stainless mounting bolts
  • O-rings for oil pickup and dipstick

The oil pan does not come with an oil pickup pipe. You must shorten your oil pickup.

Flexible dipstick

While this oil pan is designed to fit with the SmallCar engine mounting system, some clearancing of the engine mount near the oil dipstick port may be necessary.

We do not have a way to anticipate fitment with other engine mounts.