2 1/4" High Flow Performance Muffler

2 1/4" High Flow Performance Muffler

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Performance muffler

This muffler is 2 1/4" inlet and outlet size and offers substantially better flow than the stock Vanagon muffler. It is close to the stock size in both diameter and length and fits into our MB4PR muffler brackets with our 6" heavy duty clamps (90887A or 90887A56). It is all welded aluminized construction and weighs almost as much as the stock unit. We generally install this with our high flow cat and a simple tailpipe. It fits well in 2wd and Syncros and has a bit more sound than stock but is still quiet enough that the average Vanagon owner is not put off by the noise level. To install this muffler, you will need two FL3-225 flanges, and two more if you use our high flow cat. We typically use the 2 1/4" for the 2.0L WRX turbo installation.

2" High Flow Muffler # 025M2

2 1/4" High Flow Muffler # 025M225