Collector pipe stainless 86-up

Collector pipe stainless 86-up

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Collector or "J" pipe-Stainless

Finally! A stainless version of the stock Vanagon collector to cat pipe. Fits between the stock 1986 and later Vanagon header and the stock catalytic converter or between our Subaru-Vanagon 4 cyl header and any year Vanagon cat and muffler. This has loose flanges on both ends and when used with the OE type metal o-ring, it allows more flexibility in muffler and catalytic converter positioning.

Fits stock 2wd and Vanagon Syncros from 1986 on and all Subaru powered Vanagons with our header.

If your Vanagon needs an oxygen sensor port and doesn't have one in the cat, or you need a port for checking the CO before the catalytic converter, an 18mm boss (oxygen sensor size) can be added in this pipe. Normally a testing port faces down and an oxygen sensor port faces up.