Stainless Steel Exhaust "J" Pipe

Stainless Steel Exhaust "J" Pipe

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Finally! A stainless steel version of the stock Vanagon collector to catalytic converter pipe. This has loose flanges on both ends and when used with the OE metal o-ring, it allows more flexibility in muffler and catalytic converter positioning.

Fitment Details:

  • Fits stock 2wd and Vanagon Syncros from 1986-1991 and all Subaru powered Vanagons with Small Car's header
  • Fits between the stock Vanagon header (1986-1991) and the stock catalytic converter or between our Subaru-Vanagon 4 cylinder header and any year Vanagon catalytic converter and muffler. 

If your Vanagon needs an oxygen sensor port and doesn't have one in the catalytic converter, or you need a port for checking the CO before the catalytic converter, an 18mm boss (oxygen sensor size) can be added in this pipe. Normally a testing port faces down and an oxygen sensor port faces up.