These days the Vanagon is a classic - an old school body that can take big impacts and protect its occupants. The design was produced right through the point where manufacturers started making cars with thinner metal and crumple zones. Because of the nice thick metal most paintless dent repair folks hate to work on them.

The original German paint is very high quality, and the the fact that the paint on many a Vanagon has lasted all these years is amazing. But eventually the lack of waxing, the long miles and weather filled adventures beat them down and a repaint comes due.

We at Small Car have seen lots of new paint jobs, both high and low quality, and sometimes the problems we see are shared between these. Even the best paint jobs sometimes fail at the seams. Because of the Vanagon's classic body and unique design, painters don't give proper care to ensure the seams are restored, and often don't remove the windows where rust often starts.

When your Vanagon has rust, chips, or cracks in its paint, or is just weathered from time on the road, contact Small Car to get your van a complete paint job, including:

  • Remove windows and replace seals
  • Minor dent repair
  • Slow the progress of rust with proper seam renewal
  • Bumpers off full paint coverage
  • Door handles, grills and lights removed and reinstalled


The cost of a complete paint job for a Westfalia or a tin-top Vanagon is $10,995 plus body work and rust repairs.


Optional Items:

  • Paint door jambs
  • Repair and paint plastic bumpers
  • Repair and paint side mouldings for Carat & Wolfsburg
  • Canvas replacement
  • Pop-top seals replaced
  • New windshield
  • New camper hookups
  • Gutter & door handle trim replacement
  • Bumper upgrades
  • Swing-away carriers
  • Replace or eliminate mud flaps
  • Black rock guard on rocker panel area
  • Clear paint protection film for front or for rocker panel area


Call us and ask about getting your Vanagon refreshed. (253)-473-2474