Drive by wire pedal installation for automatic Vanagons

  1. Cut or remove the pad part of the pedal (not shown).
  2. Bend the throttle pedal bracket to approximate the photo.

    (Click images for higher quality)

    Bend the throttle pedal bracket

  3. After bolting up the pedal find the full throttle position of the transmission; how far it pulls and make sure the pedal travels the same distance. You want to have the kickdown position at the transmission be your full throttle for the pedal.

    Adjust the pedal travel

  4. For pedals with the metal arm (not the plastic arm): Weld the supplied bushing to the metal arm of the pedal. The correct position for this attachment will be approximately 3 1/2 to 3 3/4" from the pivot point of the pedal arm. If the pedal is pulled too far it will go into limp mode and the pedal will not work until the car is restarted.

    Prepare throttle arm

  5. For pedals with the plastic arm: Drill an appropriate sized hole as shown in the above photo and install the bushing supplied into the pedal.
  6. Cut the original VW transmission to throttle rod, shorten it to the appropriate length and weld it back together.
  7. Attach the Heim joint to the threaded end of the VW throttle rod and to the bushing on the pedal using and appropriate bolt and washers.