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Stainless Steel Brake Front Brake Dust Shields

Stainless Steel Brake Front Brake Dust Shields

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Have your factory front brake dust shields rusted away to dust? Or perhaps your mechanic removed them during your last brake job and your brakes are just flying down the road unprotected? Or maybe you’ve purchased a SCP Front Brake Upgrade Kit and just want to protect your investment?

SCP's durable 12-gauge 304 stainless steel front brake dust shields will keep the dirt and debris from interfering with the functionality of your brakes and keep them working safely as intended - for many miles to come. 

Much larger than the stock splash plates, SCP’s dust shields are designed to perfectly protect the 11" upgraded rotors of SCP’s Brake Upgrade Kits, but also serve as an added layer of protection to any Vanagon front brake setup. 

Sold as a pair.