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South Tacoma Grill

Welcome to the South Tacoma Grill Pre-order Page!
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Welcome to the South Tacoma Grill Pre-order Page!  

Have you missed the availability of the original two headlight grill from South Africa?  The team at SCP has redesigned the classic to accommodate more modern lighting systems.  Our new and improved grill utilizes a standard 5.75" interior headlamp.  This allows you to run Hella lights or other aftermarket options as opposed to the original 5.5" light which has limited availability.  

What can we tell you about the grill?

  • The grill will be injection molded.  
  • We have worked to increase the rigidity within the constraints of our design.
  • The pictures above are of actual prototypes in action.

What to expect with your pre-order?

  • Production is scheduled with a November/December 2022 delivery timeline. 
  • The first 350 grills ordered will get special introductory pricing for the grill itself.

What do you get with your order? 

  • This is for the grill unit only.
  • You will also get a Small Car T-Shirt and Sticker.

Supporting Products:

  • Two interior light packages will be offered this summer (LED/Halogen)
  • Interior light brackets will be included with the light package.