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Vanagon Dash Top

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Some assembly required!

Small Car set out to create a dash upgrade for the Vanagon and do it right. The result is this customizable piece that mounts to the dash using strips of Velcro for easy removal, but a sturdy fit that won't fall off. This product comes with all the materials you'll need to put together a dash piece that's ideal for your adventures.

The design includes two round cup holders with openings for handles, two different vertical trays suitable for a cell phone, a two-plug USB power port, a 12 volt round power port, a tray for tissues or magazines. The bungee straps are designed to hold different objects in place and space for further custom additions such as gauges or fasteners if desired.

Kit Includes:

  • (1) Small Car Vanagon Dash Top
  • (5) pre-cut bungee cords
  • (2) Two foot lengths of sticky velcro
  • (1) USB power port with 2 electrical connectors
  • (1) 12V power port with 2 electrical connectors
  • (1) 4 foot length of 14 gauge wire
  • (2) Scotch locks
  • (1) Rubber hole filler and pattern



  • Cut rubber liner shapes using the pattern provided. Glue the rubber pieces down if desired for additional security. 
  • Install bungee straps using the steps below. Needle nose pliers can be helpful but are not required. Use the Dash Top image as a guide for where your straps will go.
    • Tie a simple loop knot at the end of a piece of cord. Note: The closer you can get the knot to the cord end, the easier it is to tie the second knot.
    • Thread the opposite end of your cord through the first hole on the underside of the dash then back through the second hole on the top side of the dash. 
    • Pull your cord as tight as desired and tie your second knot. Bungee clips may be placed beneath the knots to tighten straps.
    • Repeat these steps for the remaining holes. 
  • Install USB power port and 12V power ports.
  • Connect wiring to existing dash 12 power port with scotch locks, or wire to another power source up front.
  • Place dash top on your dash and observe the points of contact (front lip of dash and behind back lip of dash).
  • Apply loop side of velcro to front lip of dash, apply hook side of velcro to back edge of dash. The loop side goes up front because it's soft to touch should you wish to remove the dash temporarily or if some of the velcro is exposed under the dash top.
  • Apply opposite velcro pieces to front and back of dash top where it makes contact with the dash. Double check that you've got the right piece before applying!
  • Connect wiring from dash 12v to both dash top power ports using 14 gauge wire and electrical connectors.