SCP Terms and Conditions

Our mission is to install, manufacture, and supply innovative high-quality parts at reasonable prices. We aim to provide technical support to professional technicians, do-it-yourselfers, and conversion customers of SCP.

In the past few years the business has grown such that we need to share complete warranty terms and conditions by business line.  All warranties are subject to approval.  



Deposits for Parts, Installations, or Service

In order to provide the custom parts, solutions, and installations SCP will routinely take a deposit for work to be completed to secure time in our production schedule.  Deposits for air conditioning installations, Subaru conversions, and transmission upgrades/service are binding.  Refunds of those deposits will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

Credit card fees: SCP will take take deposit payments for major projects by credit card.  For the avoidance of a 3% service charge, customers may pay the remaining balance via bank check, wire transfer, or cash.  

Vehicle Storage

SCP is more than happy to store vehicles for our customers.  In the event a vehicle needs to be stored beyond the completion of work, SCP will ask for full payment for the work completed and store the vehicle.