Small Car Performance endeavors to supply innovative, high-quality parts at reasonable prices. We also provide support to our valued customers to create vehicles which are better and more reliable than the factory.

All our new parts are warrantied to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of one year from the purchase date. If a product is found to be defective within this time, contact us, return the product, and we will repair or replace the item (at our option) and return ship to you at no charge.

Tech support is also provided during the warranty period.  This does not include compensation for lost time or cost for another shop to install.  Cost to install or replace by another shop is only covered for in-house service/conversions and with specific governance (please see below).

The only remedies the purchaser has in connection with the breach or performance of any warranty on Small Car Performance parts are those set forth herein. In no event will Small Car Performance be liable for incidental or consequential damages or injuries, including but not limited to loss of use or any other loss.

If you have a Small Car Performance part that you believe has failed prematurely, regardless of the time in service, please call and let us know immediately as we may have an improved part available or in development.

If the warranty stated above does not meet your needs or requirements, please purchase parts elsewhere.



New unused part(s) returns must be within 30 days from the date of purchase and must be approved by Small Car Performance. Non-approved returns will be considered abandoned. A 20% restocking fee will be applied to all returns. Shipping is not reimbursed. No returns on electrical parts, paper manuals, diagrams, or instructions.

Defective parts should be returned for inspection and will be either repaired or replaced at SCP’s discretion.

Core returns must be received within 90 days from the date of purchase. Core returns do not require pre-approval. Return the core with a copy of the receipt or purchaser information.



Engine and transmissions removed during the conversion process are retained as "cores" and recycled accordingly. If a vehicle arrives without an engine and/or transmission you will be charged a “core” charge. Our current “core” charges are: $500 for an engine and $1100 for an automatic or manual transmission. Our transmission providers inspect and determine if your transmission can be rebuilt. SCP will return your full “core” deposit if there is no work needed. If the transmission needs any parts and labor, you will receive the difference between your deposit and the total cost of the work.



All parts removed during the conversion become the property of Small Car Performance.  This ensures proper disposal, upcycling, and sustainability for both our industry and our environment.



All rebuilt motors come with a 12 month/12,000-mile warranty.  For example, if you drive 12,000 miles in the first 6 months—you expire the warranty.  The warranty is exclusive to the long block and the heads.  Engine peripherals are subject to the standard 90-day warranty (alternator, AC compressor, power steering, water pump, etc.).  Warranty parts will be replaced at the retail cost and the labor rate for warranty work will be reimbursed at a labor rate of $70/hr. 



If not signed electronically or upon delivery/pickup, a SCP warranty agreement must be signed and returned to SCP no later than 20 days after delivery/pickup for your warranty to be valid. For a warranty to be executed there must be documentation of all oil changes service performed.  For example, if the engine has not had oil changes on 3000-mile intervals (upper limit is 3300 miles), we reserve the right to void your warranty.  If your odometer is not functioning properly—your warranty is void. 

If you decline to replace your fuel system after an intake inspection determines the need for replacement, your warranty is also void. 

The warranty does not apply to engine failure from improper installation of accessories, running the engine out of oil, oil additives, or overheating.  SCP reserves the right to void any warranty where necessary components are removed, a non-SCP coolant system is used, or other forms of neglect to the engine are determined through our engine teardown and documentation.

SCP does not assume any responsibility for towing charges, fluid loss, time, or vehicle loss.  The warranty we offer is for replacement parts and labor as provided herein.  SCP has no other warranties expressed or implied and any shipping costs are the responsibility of the customer. 



In the event the warranty needs to be exercised, our team will work to schedule your vehicle for service as soon as possible. However, timing expectations are similar to our service schedule which can range from two to six weeks - depending on the time of year.

If you exercise any warranty work on your vehicle by approving another shop to begin service, prior to proper communication with SCP, we reserve the right to void your warranty.  This applies if you have another shop change your oil, coolant, etc.  This does not apply for having your tires changed.



Labor hours are calculated using standard industry rates in All Data. 



We do not warranty any work performed on a “DIY Conversion.”  We consider any conversion outside of our shop a “DIY Conversion.”  We will only warranty a service to a vehicle where we perform a complete cooling system replacement.  We will not warranty any engine or peripherals for any other conversion.  If the determination is made that the best path forward is to replace the entire conversion, the customer will be given that option.  If the customer declines that path forward, we reserve the right to press pause on the project if the shop is at full capacity.   



If you are taking a major trip and want your converted van serviced prior to the trip, we HIGHLY recommend you schedule this service at least six weeks in advance of your trip.  This is especially critical if you own an SVX converted van, need discontinued parts, or need any "end of life" parts procured to get your van on the road.  



 Two years on a standard conversion through our service providers for manual transmissions and 1 year (prorated) for automatic transmissions.  A transmission warranty is NOT facilitated by SCP. Your transmission warranty is governed by the terms and conditions of: 

  • Rancho Transaxle
  • German Transaxle

For more detailed transmission warranty information please see the accompanying documentation from our transmission rebuilding providers.



90 days from installation on parts and work.  It is important to delineate conversion warranty from the service/upgrade warranty.  Conversion warranties cover the powerplant change and associated systems.  Upgrade warranties are for ancillary systems like brakes, auxiliary power, etc.   



We offer delivery service to Oregon and local pick up.  Talk to the staff for more details!