SVX 5 Speed Basic Instructions

  1. Remove the exhaust system, catalytic converters, and driveline.
  2. Remove automatic transmission and rear differential.
  3. Remove pedal assembly, master cylinder and brake booster.
  4. Disconnect and remove the transmission control unit.
  5. Remove complete shifter assembly.
  6. Remove original brake switch from the stock pedal assembly and install on 5 speed brake pedal assembly.
  7. Shorten the brake master cylinder pushrod on brake booster 2-inch and use a 10x1.25mm die to re-thread. Reinstall clevis on the end of pushrod.
  8. Four wires need to be separated from the harness that used to go to the automatic transmission.
  9. The two large connectors with the remaining wires that went to the auto trans can now be pulled through the firewall into the passenger compartment. Temporarily pull all the other wires into the interior.
  10. Run the wires to the clutch start safety switch
  11. Locate the yellow/black wire to the #4 terminal on B65, the black connector to the original SVX brake switch.
  12. Using template, drill two 1/2-inch holes and grind, saw, or drill the center hole for clutch master cylinder.
  13. Fit accelerator pedal adapter plate.
  14. Weld pedal assembly adapter to upper pedal mount.
  15. Install brake/clutch pedal assembly.
  16. Fit the firewall plate onto the engine side of the firewall over clutch master cylinder mounting studs.
  17. Trial fit the clutch master cylinder. There should be just enough room to squeeze the cap out.
  18. Weld plate to firewall in at least four places. Keep a fire extinguisher handy.
  19. Paint the firewall plate as desired. The supplied grommet can be installed in the firewall plate and the wires to the speedometer sender and the backup light switch can be routed through that hole.
  20. Connect the wires to the transmission reverse light switch wires.
  21. Bench bleed the clutch master cylinder and install into the firewall.
  22. Adjust pushrods for brake and clutch so there is a small amount of play when the pedals are depressed.
  23. Install shifter adaptor plate using six original screws.
  24. Lengthen shift rods using tubing supplied.
  25. Install 5 speed shifter assembly. The rubber boot sandwiches between the shifter adaptor plate and the upper plate. Use supplied screws for upper plate.
  26. Remove torque plate from engine, replace flywheel seal and install flywheel. Use locktite and torque to 50 ft/lbs.
  27. Modify the original SVX transmission crossmember using template and diagram.
  28. Install clutch disc, pressure plate, and release bearing.
  29. Install clutch slave cylinder onto the transmission.
  30. Install transmission, starter and mounts.
  31. Install differential
  32. Install aluminum driveline spacer at the differential using locktite on the nuts and install the driveline.
  33. Install catalytic converter assembly. Remove left pipe hanger bracket at arrow and material from shields around pipes and converters as needed to achieve 1/2-inch to 3/4-inch clearance to mounts and brackets. Use supplied bracket to attach exhaust to transmission hanger.
  34. The front transmission cross-member can now have the support tabs welded to the chassis. Position the tabs so maximum clearance exists between all mounts and the exhaust and shields.
  35. Install shifter adaptor plate using six original screws.
  36. Install 5 speed shifter assembly. The rubber boot sandwiches between the shifter adaptor plate and the upper plate. Use supplied screws for upper plate.
  37. Using supplied template and a scroll saw or coping saw, enlarge opening in wood grained trim plate.
  38. Place shift boot into trim plate from underneath. Use hot glue gun to attach boot to trim support and to underside of trim plate.
  39. Install trim plate with boot and shift knob.
  40. Install exhaust system.
  41. Bleed clutch.
  42. Add transmission and differential fluids.