Dear Valued Customers and Friends,

The Small Car Performance team wants to thank the community of enthusiasts for all of the patience and well-wishes during the pandemic over the past 18 months.  We have been working hard to make all of the products we manufacture, sell, and install more available as we continue to pursue finding more ways to support your growing needs and desires for Vanagons, Buses, Bugs, and more.  

The supply chain situation globally has taken its toll on all businesses in the industrial segments with Automotive being particularly impacted.  The "chip shortage" is a real thing with the major automakers scrambling to find ways to meet model year sales goals amidst a trying time.  We see the trickle down effects in our space with the cost of more modern campervans skyrocketing and the desire to do more with older technologies (Vanagons/Buses) coming to the fore.  We are working hard to meet that demand.  

We also see pain on the raw material front with items like 304 stainless steel and basic polypropylene resins on shortage.  This impacts the restoration and hotrod market immensely.  Our business is taking steps to diversify our supply chain and product offering to ensure we are able to support you as quickly possible.  

In all of this, we are working hard and thankful for our health and wish nothing but the best to our customers and friends.  Thank you for your business and please keep ideas coming for new products!


The SCP Team


Syncro Westy