SVX 5-Speed Conversion

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One of the most obvious things the Subaru factory forgot for the SVX was the availability of a 5 speed transmission. If the factory 4EAT automatic had proved less troublesome, a 5 speed would not be so sorely missed. As many Subaru fans know, the SVX automatic transmission is plagued with overheating problems and premature wear of the clutch packs. Many owners have replaced their transmissions three or four times. You've gotta love your SVX to do that! Following in the footsteps of at least one intrepid and possibly frustrated owner, Small Car has designed a conversion that looks and feels like the Subaru factory might have corrected their earlier mistake.

More pedals for your SVX! What a blast to have that flat six in front of a five speed. It allows you take advantage of all the potential of that boxer engine. Off the line performance is stunning!


Factory looking shifter fits nicely inside the SVX. Shifting is quick and smooth.


The underside shows the factory look to the Small Car engine mounting and the heavy duty front rubber mount.


This view shows the clutch master cylinder squeezed in next to the brake servo. Cad designed, laser cut material is used in the the installation.



  • Hydraulic Clutch: Smooth, trouble free clutch operation
  • Factory style transmission mount: Smallcar designed heavy duty rubber mount
  • 3.90 & 4:11 differential ratios: Better acceleration off the line
  • Limited slip rear differential: Retains the stock LSD
  • Optional .738 Fifth Gear: Lower RPMs for highway cruising (stock is .78)
  • Heavy Duty Clutch: Smooth but stronger than stock Subaru parts


The Transmission:

The five speed we use is from the Impreza, Legacy, Forester, WRX. This transmission has been proven in cars running over 300hp and 12 second quarter mile times.


Driving Impressions:

Driving the 5 speed SVX is a wonderful experience. Nimble and quick. The weight lost from the automatic  is significant but can't completely explain the feeling that the SVX is lighter than it actually is. Shifter, clutch and steering feel very light to the touch and the engine revs very quickly. It drives like it might be maybe 2500 lbs - lighter of course than it really is.


It's very easy to go through all five gears quickly or to wind up the engine and pull 80 MPH in third and over 100 MPH in fourth. The amazing flexibility of the 3.3L motor is evident at all times and you can skip gears up or down without the least trouble. With the 3.90 final drive and the .738 fifth, 70 MPH indicated reads 2700 RPM on the tach, very smooth and quiet but with plenty of power available for passing.


Using a Gtech Pro and with a less than extreme launch we recorded a 15.33 quarter mile time at 93 MPH. Yes, Subaru really missed the chance to put the SVX at the top of the Sports car market!


Conversion Cost:

The conversion cost is for labor only. You supply the donor parts. We can supply the basic kit $349 if you don't already have it. Your old transmission is yours to keep if you wish.


Please note that there may be some parts on your SVX that are worn and may need replacing when the conversion is performed. Examples would be differential bushings and driveline center support. We may recommend replacing these parts if they are worn out.


OBD2 cars (96 and 97 SVX) may have a check engine light that will not clear because of the loss of the input from the the transmission control unit. This causes no drivability problems but may require hiding the light.



  • .738 fifth gear set installed: $285
  • STI front transmission mount: $85 - this mount makes a bit of noise but is substantially stiffer
  • Reconditioned transmission: $495


Conversion time is usually 4-5 business days after preparing your 5 speed parts.

The cost of $4620 is for labor only + the cost of the basic kit, you provide the donor parts. 

Warranty covers defects in materials and workmanship for 1 year on new or rebuilt parts, 90 days on used parts.