Stage 1 Shift Kit for Automatics

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Better shifting for your automatic



Smooth shifts at low speeds...more solid shifts when accelerating

We developed this shift kit after discovering how problematic the SVX transmissions were and how many owners had replaced their automatics two three or even four times! After listening to all the opinions about why they hold up so poorly, I came to the conclusion that the number one cause of premature failure in the SVX automatics was the slow shifting. During shifts, the bands and clutches inside the unit have to slip a certain amount when they engage the next gear. How much slippage occurs has a direct effect on the amount of heat produced as well as how much wear results from each shift.

Many owners have discovered a little trick to firm up the shifts by unplugging the resistor that moderates the line pressure. This resistor is located behind the battery and when unplugged, results in firmer shifts at virtually all speeds. Unfortunately, two side effects are too firm shifting at low speeds and hunting of gears on deceleration.

Our kit gives the advantages of firmer shifts resulting from higher line pressure without the side effects mentioned above. It installs in about 15 minutes with a wire terminal crimper and a 10mm wrench.


What if my transmission seems to be working perfectly?
If your transmission seems to have no problems shifting or has been rebuilt recently, you may not notice much difference in normal driving. Even so, under brisk acceleration the Smallcar kit will firm up the shifts, helping your transmission last longer.

What if my transmission has problems?
If your automatic shifts sluggishly or has other problems, try unplugging the resistor behind the battery. If this seems to generally improve the operation, the Smallcar shift kit will help. If not, it's probably time for a rebuild or a Smallcar 5 speed.

How does it work? The kit uses manifold pressure to sense engine load and switches the line pressure higher or lower as needed. For those who like to tinker, the switch point is adjustable.