Head gasket set EJ25 SOHC

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This head set is from the Subaru original equipment manufacturer and has the gaskets you need when replacing rings or head gaskets.

Fits the following engines:

1998-2005 Impreza RS, TS Outback 2.5L, and the 06-07 2.5i

2000-2004 Legacy and Outback 2.5L

1998-2002 Forester 2.5L

Kit Contains: Head Gasket-2, Exhaust Gasket-2, Intake Gasket-2, Valve Cover Gasket-2, Intake Valve Seal-8 (Black), Exhaust Valve Seal-8 (Brown), Cam Seal-2, Valve Cover Bolt Washer-10, Oil Filler Cap Gasket-1, Thermostat Gasket-1, Throttle Body Gasket-1. Spark Plug Seals are serviced separately.