Subaru SVX Technical Details and Upgrades

Produced and imported into the US from 1992 until 1997, the SVX was designed to compete with the finest sports cars in the world. Subaru had accumulated a great deal of automobile building experience, but not much in the racing area. They had been producing the XT, XT6 line since the mid 80's with some success but that car had not turned out to be competitive with Porsche, BMW, and other world class sports cars.

The SVX was going to put Subaru right in the middle of the lucrative luxury sports car market. At $30,000 to $40,000 and sporting performance and a list of standard features that were very impressive by any standard, Subaru went all out to capture the public's interest and their car buying dollar.

What really hurts for those of us who have discovered the virtues of this fantastic automobile is how close Subaru came to that world class car. The acceleration is impressive, once you get it rolling. The looks are unique and stylish, after you get used to the windows. The all wheel drive gives excellent stability and stunning cornering ability, until your transmission lets go. ABS brakes stop you on a dime, until you warp your rotors, and the stereo is the equal of most factory installations ten years later, which is handy when the wheel bearings go bad. If all this just makes you even more interested in the SVX, you're obviously hooked. Small Car Performance is interested in helping make your SVX the world class car it was intended to be. We'll try to provide the parts and the expertise to improve the weak points of a very fine car!

SVX Upgrades

Subaru SVX