Exhaust Installation

  1. Pre-lubricate all the original Vanagon exhaust nuts and bolts with liquid wrench or a similar product.
  2. Remove the old muffler, collector or "J" pipe, catalytic convertor, muffler, and tailpipe. You can sometimes remove the whole thing as a unit.
  3. Lube all stainless fasteners with anti seize or another lubricant as they tend to freeze up once tightened.
  4. Install the muffler with the flange that has threaded holes at the tailpipe end and the inlet and outlet flanges offset at about 45 degrees down and to the rear of the Van.

  5. The "J" pipe uses o-rings at both ends and the muffler uses gaskets at both ends or an o-ring at the tailpipe.
  6. After loosely installing all bolts and nuts, the muffler can be rotated as well as moving left to right for the best fit of the "J" pipe.
  7. The tailpipe can be installed with it's outlet horizontal or with a downward angle. Make sure you have an inch or so clearance of the rear body metal.
  8. Level the muffler with the rear body for a nice clean appearance. The Syncro muffler will fit higher up than the two wheel drive Vanagon.
  9. Lube the stainless hardware with anti-seize lube.
  10. Tighten all bolts and nuts to about 20 lb/ft.