Vanagon Rear Disc Brake Installation

  1. Remove the stock rear axle nuts, drums, hubs, and backing plates. Detach the emergency brake cables at the front and the rear.
  2. Machine the outer diameter of the rear hubs to approximately 135mm (5.4").
  3. Cut and remove the springs on the rear ends of the emergency brake cables leave about 1 1/4" length as the helper springs.
  4. On the part of the trailing arm where the backing plate bolted on, drill out the threads of one of the three holes to accept a 10mm bolt. (See photo)

    Photo 1

  5. Thoroughly clean all the rust off the trailing arm where the new adapter plates will contact the surface of the arm. This may involve grinding. (See photo)

    Photo 2

  6. Use Loctite® on all the bolts and nuts in the following steps.
  7. Bolt the supplied adapter plate onto the trailing arm so the caliper holes are facing the rear of the van. Through-bolts are used on the holes on the very top and very bottom. The other holes are self threaded.
  8. Torque the 8 mm caliper frame to caliper bolts to 26 lb/ft and all the 10mm bolts and nuts to 48 lb/ft.
  9. Install the supplied bracket as shown to hold the hydraulic hose. (See photo 2) 
  10. Attach the machined hubs onto the axles and fit the rotors onto the hubs.
  11. Slide the supplied calipers over the rotors and attach to the adapter plates so that the emergency brake mechanism is below the caliper. The bleeder valves should be at the top of the caliper.
  12. Check for rotor clearance to the slot in the caliper frame. A minimum of .030" is necessary. If the proper clearance is not there, recheck step 6.
  13. Install the brake hose as shown. (See photo 3)
  14. Remove the nuts at the front of the emergency brake cables and pull them out of the frame.
  15. We recommend using a new 2wd emergency brake cable for the right side of Syncro because of the additional length needed.
  16. Place the supplied tubing over the front of the emergency brake cables and reinsert them into the frame. (See photo 5)

    Photo 4

  17. The brake cable hanger that attaches to the trailing arm should be detached and will be installed in another spot after the cable is reinstalled.
  18. Use the supplied backing washer at the rear end of the brake cable and install the cable onto the caliper. Pry lever for clearance if needed. (Photo 4)
  19. The cables can now be reattached to the bracket at the front and the hanger reattached to the trailing arm. (Photo 5)
  20. Adjust the tension at the front of the cables so the slack is gone but the levers on the calipers are still in the released or off position. Pull the emergency brake handle up and down 20-30 times. Now check the cable tension under the van and repeat the procedure again if needed.

    Photo 5

  21. Bleed the brakes and reinstall your wheels. The rotors are slightly thicker than the original drums so if your wheel studs were already on the short side because of non-stock wheels, you may need longer studs.