Accelerator Cable Installation Instructions: Manual Transmission

Complete kit includes all parts from the pedal in front to the Subaru engine in the back. Requires no wheels, paddles or bearings.

Accelerator Cable Kit - MT 6mm

Start by enlarging the hole in the bracket for the accelerator cable on top of the Subaru engine to 9/16inch. A 9/16 inch reamer is recommended. Be careful if using a drill since it tends to catch in the opening. The left hole is for the accelerator cable. The right hole is for the cruise control cable.


Disconnect the original cable at the accelerator pedal attachment in the front of the Vanagon and remove the inner cable by pulling it out from the rear.

Near the middle of the Van, remove the plastic bracket and discard the rear portion of the original cable shield. Slide the end of the black plastic tubing provided with the new cable housing into the hose so it is continuous with the shield that runs towards the front of the Van. The cable housing should be zip tied at this point. Make sure the cable sheaths are butted together inside the hose coupling on both ends of the black tubing.

ENLARGE - Cable Routing

On the front passenger side of the engine compartment (some models only), there is an existing inverted "V" shaped slot in the sheet metal. The cable bracket can be positioned in the slot and a sheet metal screw used to attach it. If no slot is present, simply drill appropriate holes in the lower part of the firewall. Try to leave a nice gentle curve from there to the engine connection.

ENLARGE - Cable Bracket

Slide the inner cable into the housing from the rear of the Van.

The new cable can now be inserted into the throttle lever and the bracket. Use the original Vanagon clip to hold the cable shield into the bracket, or use the clip we provide.

After the cable is fully inserted into the housing, the cable can be cut to length at the front and connected to the pedal using the provided end piece with the set screw. Leave enough slack so that the accelerator cable can slide to both fully closed and fully open.

Note: SVX engines: The cable bracket should be positioned under the van since the cable attachment points forward at the left side of the throttle body. The plastic sleeve provided should be shortened to the appropriate length. Thanks to Patrick for the fitment idea and the photo.