Vanagon - Subaru 4 cylinder Mount Instructions

The Small Car mount is made to work with the original VW rear crossbar.

VW Rear Crossbar

The mount bolts to the bottom of the Subaru engine with the hardware provided. The dipstick tube goes through a hole in one of the side rails so either the oil pan needs to come off or the dipstick and tube can be removed. The small dipstick tube support bracket on the oil pan must be removed. Torque the 10mm bolts and nuts to 40 lb/ft. For best clearance install the 10X30mm bolts with the heads toward the rear of the van.

Conversion Mounting Fasteners

After the mount is attached to the engine and the and crossbar is bolted up, new holes will need to be drilled where the crossbar bolts to the frame rail. Mock up the crossbar, engine, and transmission assembly for drilling new holes.

If you are working with a Syncro, the skid plate can be extended to fit to the new crossbar position.

Mounting Added Sections