Drive by Wire Pedal Installation: Manual Transmission

  1. Cut or remove the pad part of the pedal.

    Cut off the pedal shoe

  2. Bend the throttle pedal bracket to approximate the photo.
  3. For pedals with the plastic arm: Drill an appropriate sized hole as shown in the photo and install the barrel nut supplied into the pedal.

    Drill hole in pedal stem

  4. For pedals with the metal arm: Install the supplied loop clamp and ball joint linkage to the metal arm of the pedal. The correct position for this attachment will be approximately 3 1/2 to 3 3/4" from the pivot point of the pedal arm. If the pedal is pulled too far it will go into limp mode and the pedal will not work until the car is restarted. A 13mm stopper should be used to prevent the pedal from traveling too far. See example of pedal full throttle position and stopper below.

Cable Routing:

  1. Disconnect the original cable at the pedal attachment in the front of the Vanagon and remove the inner cable by pulling it out from the rear.
  2. Near the middle of the van, remove the plastic bracket and discard the rear portion of the of the original cable shield. Slide the end of the black plastic tubing provided with the new cable housing into the hose so it is continuous with the shield that runs towards the front of the van. The cable housing should be zip tied at this point.
  3. Make sure the cable sheaths are butted together inside the hose coupling on both ends of the black tubing.
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  4. On the front passenger side of the engine compartment (some models only), there is an existing inverted "V" shaped slot in the sheet metal. The cable bracket can be positioned in the slot and a sheet metal screw used to attach it. If no slot is present, simply drill appropriate holes in the lower part of the firewall. Try to leave a nice gentle curve from there to the engine connection.


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