Tubular Dipstick Upgrade Instructions

It is highly recommended to perform this upgrade when the oil is being changed. This will allow the most accurate calibration of the dipstick. You must know you have the right amount of oil in the engine to get an accurate installation. Most 4cyl Subaru shortened oil pans work well with 4 quarts in them.

  1. Remove the flexible wire dipstick from engine and wipe until clean.
  2. Heat the aluminum handle a with torch or hotplate until the solder on the end of the cable melts, and using pliers, release the cable from the handle by pushing from the underside.
  3. If the 5/16 inch diameter cable end remains in the handle, remove it using a small punch or similar tool by tapping it out from behind.
  4. Place the dipstick handle back on the tube at the engine and insert the clear dipstick tubing into the handle, the end with the indicator lines going in first.
  5. After 10-15 seconds, place your finger over the end of the tube, pull the dipstick out and read the level.
  6. Using the first test as a guide, place a piece of tape to mark the top of the tubing where it enters the dipstick handle and reinsert, wait 15 seconds or so, place your finger over the end and recheck.
  7. When you are satisfied that the tape on the tubing is correct, and the oil level is as desired (at the full level mark) cut the tubing at the tape.
  8. The provided blue hose can now be inserted into the top of the dipstick handle and the tube inserted so the top of the tube lines up with the top of the handle. It is easiest to insert the blue tubing into the handle, then after lubricating the tube with oil, insert the indicator end first and slide the tubing in until the top is level with the top of the handle.
  9. To check the oil level, wait 5-30 seconds after inserting the dipstick, place a finger on the hose at the top of the handle, and pull the dipstick out. It should be held with the handle slightly above the height of the indicator end so the level is easily read and the oil doesn't immediately run out.

When checking the oil, remember that very cold oil will take up to 30 seconds to stabilize its level in the dipstick tube. Hot oil takes only a few seconds.