Vanagon 2.0 & 2.5L Turbo

Subaru 227HP Four Cam, 16-Valve
Turbocharged Four Cylinder Boxer Engine

The Installation: Subaru Turbo In A Vanagon Carat

Want to have your cake and eat it too? Above is the WRX engine installed in the Vanagon engine bay. The intercooler is the latest air to water model. Everything works on this installation; cruise control, air conditioning as well as all power assist features.

The exhaust system we designed to look like a stock Vanagon's but in 2 1/4" tubing with a free flowing Magnaflow muffler. It doesn't sound like a Vanagon any more. A Porsche style muffler is available.

The 2.5L Forester Turbo engine is beautiful in a Vanagon. It makes 235 lbft of torque at 3600 rpm and 210 horsepower at 5600. It pulls smooth and strong from 1500rpm!

This Vanagon is fitted with Porsche alloy wheels and our disc brake upgrade front and rear. It now stops and turns as well as it accelerates.

A pair of Forester seats were installed to compliment the Vanagon interior.

White gauge faces with 8,000 rpm tachometer finish out the interior package.

Vanagon Turbo Features

  1. SmallCar engine mount that retains the original Vanagon crossbar and provides for solid exhaust support.
  2. Aluminum oil pan and stainless header, which keeps existing ground clearance.
  3. 2 1/4" exhaust system with high flow cat and muffler.


  1. Idle CO: .01% HC: 25PPM
  2. Cruise CO: .02% HC: 50PPM

The Cost

The cost to install a 2.0L or a 2.5L turbo into a Vanagon 2wd manual or automatic is $9975 plus the cost of the motor.

Engines available as of September 2015.

2002 WRX Turbo with fresh 2.5L short block - $6495
2005 Legacy 250hp Turbo with 77,391 miles - $4500
Other engines available on request, please call or email.

What's Included

  1. SmallCar stainless header.
  2. SmallCar bellhousing with integrated release bearing.
  3. Complete 2 1/4" exhaust system.
  4. SmallCar engine mount.
  5. Stage 3 clutch kit.
  6. Auto transmission Vans; heavy duty transmission cooler.
  7. Dipstick available behind license plate door.
  8. New rubber engine mounts, with additional center mount.
  9. Aluminum oil pan.
  10. Intake and filter box modifications.
  11. Installation of two oxygen sensors.
  12. Speed sensor.
  13. All installation labor, fluids, etc...
  14. New radiator.

Optional Items

  1. A/C for vehicles equipped - $525.
  2. Cruise control (if already equipped) - $100.
  3. Westfalia with extra battery/refrigerator - $125.
  4. 7,000 or 8,000 RPM tach face with recalibration - $150.
  5. White Gauge faces $245.
  6. Air to water intercooler system - $1050.
  7. K&N Air Filter - $60.
  8. Transmission upgrades for automatic (important) and manuals.
  9. Front brake upgrade.
  10. Wheels, tires, and suspension.