We install seven different types of Subaru engines in our shop. From the most popular and reliable 2.5L engines, to the extremely rare EE20 boxer turbo diesels, to the 300 horsepower STI engine for only the most power hungry of Vanagon owners. Whatever your driving preference is, we guarantee we have a engine to perfectly suit your needs. You can find a full list of all the engines we install above as well as links to pages where you can find detailed information on each. If you still have questions, don't hesitate to call our office.




The Vanagon is perhaps the most versatile vehicle ever made. It can be everything from a camper, an off-road powerhouse, a moving van, or–to some–even a sports car. VW upgraded the engine several times after starting with the 2.0L, 70 horsepower air cooled engine the first 1980 model. They eventually ending up with 2.1L, 95 horsepower water cooled engine (1986-1991). From the beginning, the four-cylinder water cooled engines were plagued with head gasket problems and VW dealers had their hands full with warranty repairs. They were never able to cure the corrosion issues on the Wasserboxer heads and many long term Vanagon owners look upon this $2,000-$4,000 repair as a regular maintenance item.

In 2001, after 25 years in the VW business and with a love of the Vanagon's unique qualities, we began our search to find a motor that was as good as the rest of the vehicle. What we found was the Subaru engine, a water cooled flat four with 135-175 horsepower. Installed in a Vanagon, they provide a very welcome power increase over the original engine and after a few miles of driving a converted Vanagon, you realize that urging your Van onwards by hunching over the steering wheel as you close in on an 18 wheeler while trying to maintain 60 mph is a very stressful position that isn't at all necessary when you have a Subaru engine in your Vanagon. As you ease off the throttle at 70, you lean back in your seat and watch the scenery go by. Many conversion owners say they can drive a great deal further and arrive at their destinations more relaxed. Could a Vanagon with more horsepower actually be safer? It certainly seems possible.

14 years after our first, we've completed over 300 Subaru engine conversions and have helped thousands more with parts and support to do their own. We are so dedicated to the process that we design and manufacture over 500 parts to make Subaru engines run and fit into a Vanagon without compromise. This coupled with the fact that we've done more Subaru engine conversions than anyone in the world is why we can complete the best quality conversion for the most competitive price.