Automatic adapter

Engine mount

Aluminum oil pan

Flexible dipstick

Reversed coolant manifold and coolant hoses 4cyl

Note that some repositioning of the fuel lines or EGR pipe may be needed in the area of the manifold outlet. Use thread sealant and sealing washer when installing the fittings and temperature sensors. Move sensor wiring to reach the new location. Connect all temp sensor wiring before installing engine.

Speed sensor

Intake hose kit

  • Install photos
  • Vacuum hoses can be tapped into the air box or intake boot.

Accelerator cable manual

Accelerator cable automatic

Gauge face and tachometer

Stainless exhaust

Rear brake upgrade

Drive by wire pedal installation for automatic Vanagons

Drive by wire pedal installation for manual Vanagons

Fuel pressure regulator hose connection with VVT engine