Blazecut Automotive Fire Suppression System

We've all seen them around the internet. Pictures of Vanagons, Syncros, and Westies engulfed in flames on the side of the road as a result of an engine fire. It's one of the only sad truths of owning a Vanagon: if unchecked, Vanagons are more susceptible to engine fires than many other vehicles. However, there are several precautions you can take to ensure this doesn't happen to your Vanagon or, if it does, that the damage and danger is mitigated.

In the event of a catastrophic failure, only one system can ensure that the fire is automatically and rapidly suppressed: the Blazecut Fire Suppression System. The Blazecut system consists of a detection tube containing a combination of fire extinguishing agents. The tube is installed above the fire prone area. If a fire starts, the detection tube bursts upon reaching 248 °F (120 °C) and automatically releases fire suppressant. Blazecut is a self contained system (it does not connect to any power source) and is free of operation. However, we recommend that you check the pressure regularly to ensure the system is charged. The system has an operational pressure of 0-15 bar.

Step 1: If installing in a Vanagon with a non-stock engine, remove the cooling system vent line plastic clips from under engine compartment lip.

Step 2: Drill holes under engine compartment seal.

  • For 2m (meter) Kit: drill 6 holes (2 in the rear and 2 on each side).
  • For 3m (meter) Kit: drill 8 holes (2 in the rear, 1 on each side, and 4 in the front).

Step 3: If installing in a Vanagon with a non-stock engine, cut 2 of the loop clamps at the center of the u-bend and bend inwards slightly. These are for the rear.

Step 4: Secure Blazecut fire suppression tube under engine compartment lip.

  • Starting with the rear, press the center of the Blazecut tube firmly back under the engine compartment lip and secure with the 2 cut and bent loop clamps (from step 3), screws, and locknuts. Loops should be facing away from engine. Secure it to the side of the engine compartment and, if using the 3m Kit, the front as well.
  • Leave room for gauge end to slightly stick out, so you can easily read the gauge. After you finish, the Blazecut tube should almost be completely hidden except for the gauge end.

Concealed installation requires the Blazecut hardware kit.

Above is the Blazecut 2 meter system mounted with 5 zip ties to a Vanagon engine compartment lid. Blazecut 3 and 4 meter systems can also be mounted in this way.

Engine Lid Blazecut Installation Guide

  1. Remove Vanagon engine compartment lid.
  2. Place Blazecut tube in desired orientation on the underside of the engine compartment lid.
  3. Drill 2 holes on either side of the Blazecut tube at each zip tie site you choose.
  4. Using zip ties provided in the box, secure the Blazecut tube.