Automatic Transmission Adapter Kit Installation


You must dry fit the torque convertor to the flex disc/hub assembly PRIOR to installing to confirm both fitment of the convertor centering hub and that all the mounting tabs of the convertor come flush with the plate.
  1. The convertor pilot should fit smoothly and snug in the hub. If it has to be forced then you may need to clean the convertor's pilot of any debris, nicks. or paint.
  2. Sometimes we have seen the "weld" of one of the mounting tabs hit the flex plate before the mounting tab contacts the flex plate. In this case the protrusion must be removed or flex plate damage may occur.

Check torque convertor fit

  1. Late model T2 automatic transmissions have a threaded hole in the upper left corner of their four bolt bell-housings. These threads must be drilled out to about 7/16 inch and a flat area made on the back side for the nut. The transaxle must be removed for this. The flat area can be made with the aid of a hacksaw and files, or with a body grinder.
  2. On some kits the adapter plate can be installed on either the engine or the transmission first. We suggest bolting to the engine first if you can afford the necessary space to clear the starter motor stud.
  3. Fit the flex plate onto the crankshaft and check for clearance. For example, the edge of the oil pan of a VW Rabbit engine must be hammered back out of the way.
  4. Bolt the flex plate in place.
  5. Set the converter in place on the transaxle. Press on it and rotate it until you are certain it is fully engaged on the splines.
  6. Place the engine on the transaxle and shove it up tight before tightening the bolts and nuts. If it does not fit freely in place then remove the engine and set the converter back on its splines.
  7. When the engine and transmission are mated together, torque the four nuts holding adapter to the transmission to 35 ft/lb.
  8. After the assembly is bolted together, install the three original VW torque converters to the flex plate bolts. To do this it is necessary to rotate the engine. This can be done by a helper at the front of the engine, or by prying on the starter gear teeth up in the starter pocket with a large screwdriver.
  9. Mount the dust shield on lower portion of bell housing with the 2 small bolts.

Torque specifications:

  • Adapter plate: 25 ft/lb.
  • Flex plate/crank bolt: 55 ft/lb. with Loctite®.
  • Torque converter bolt:20 ft/lb with Loctite®.

Remove bell housing section to allow wrenchAdapter plate and torque convertor plate mounted